Training Thoughts

The Morning Swim

Spring is finally here, and with it lighter mornings, which for the swim family means that scraping the ice off of the car at half-past-too-early is fast becoming a distant memory.  The early morning dip is something of a rite of passage for every swimmer, and frequently the first asked question when speaking with others is whether or not you do swim really early in the mornings.

Competition Preparation General Thoughts...

Return to Competitions

The return to competitive swimming is beginning in earnest for our younger swimmers with a number of events in the run up to the end of the year. But as parents and supporters of the Otters, and perhaps one for whom these may be their first competitive events – what should we be doing?

Kit Preparation

The Kit-bag…

….of Doom!

Have you looked into the depths of the swimming kit-bag recently? Really had a properly good look? No? Then the chances are that there are new life-forms growing, afterall Chlorine can only work so much magic! Recently, the larger Otter produced a pair of goggles encrusted in, what can only be described as, pond-life. These were the larger Otter’s most favourite pair of go-faster goggles (as worn by Adam Peaty), and presently pressed into action 5 days a week. How more life than is on Mars develops between frequent chlorinated sloshings is amazing.

General Thoughts...

Day 1

It has taken a while, but finally a tame Otter has been trained to use a keyboard. Work has been ongoing here and there for some time to update the Cults Otters website and adapt for our present needs, building in links to our Twitter presence, and looking to develop content that our swimmers and parents may hopefully find useful…

Here goes!

Calm waters….