Kit Preparation

The Kit-bag…

….of Doom!

Have you looked into the depths of the swimming kit-bag recently? Really had a properly good look? No? Then the chances are that there are new life-forms growing, afterall Chlorine can only work so much magic! Recently, the larger Otter produced a pair of goggles encrusted in, what can only be described as, pond-life. These were the larger Otter’s most favourite pair of go-faster goggles (as worn by Adam Peaty), and presently pressed into action 5 days a week. How more life than is on Mars develops between frequent chlorinated sloshings is amazing.

A scrubbing with plain water was no good, warm water with washing up liquid fared a bit better, and finally a long soak in boiling water did eventually persuade enough of the blackened gunk to release its hold that the larger Otter may be at least able to see to the bottom of the pool.

Regular rinsing of the snorkel with boiling water has been done for sometime, as has the drying and talc-ing of hats to preserve colour (and smell!). However there is a moment of reflection for not having a look at the goggle situation sooner, and will be encouraging that regular washing of the kitbag contents, particularly snorkel and goggles, is now firmly part of the weekly training timetable.

No… That’s not eyeliner…